Monday, April 20, 2015

March 16th 2015

So this week was a pretty slow week for me, but it was fun because we taught a new family and the wife of the house just started crying and told us how her 17 year old daughter basically ran away and won´t talk to her and she asked us what she can do to calm herself and have the stregth to move on. so we taught her and her husband how to pray properly and how important prayer is. Then in our second visit she asked us the question what happens when we die, so we taught them the plan of Salvation. Then later we got back with the flores family and they told us about some of the doubts they had just about everything so we helped fix some of that stuff and we´re going to finish the last two lessons and then baptize them! :D

So I went out and baught a new watch this week and it´s amazing!!! it was only 15 dollars and and lights up and tells me the time and tells me the date and way day of the week it is!!! :D I´m sooo happy!!! :D also this week was the week of birthdays for all of the members!!! so we visited a lot of little children to say happy birthday the leave because they were partying! :D

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