Monday, April 20, 2015

The beginning of this week was kinda slow but at the end things started to pick up again. We started to use the 10 ways to find and to be more obident with all the rules. After we started to do the things that we needed to do, we began to have success. We were contacting, asking everybody for references, we took out appointments, and were having fun doing it all. We also had the Flores family, that were going to get baptized this saturday but the dad didn´t want to get baptized and then we called President for a little bit of advice and he gave us some Ideas on what we can do.  But we talked with the family and We found out a bunch of stuff about them and I see the family in a different perspective now. :D Anyway other than that we had found a family the Cavanillas family and the Second daugter in the family had run away, and wasn´t talking with her family but we promised the mom that if she prayed he daughter would return. when we went back to visit them again her daughter had returned and they were all super happy, also the daughter prayed at the end of the lesson! So this week for me was very different, and now I´ve got my new companion Elder Tapia! Now with my new companion we´re going to find a bunch more people! :D

I love you guys and hope that you´re all having fun without me! :D 

  Elder Durrant

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