Monday, April 20, 2015

April 6,2015

Well well well...... so this week was pretty normal! :D just General Conference was awesome! This week I had been thinking about a lot of things.. like me, my companion, what I need to do to get closer to my heavenly father. ( P.S. I had been a little down on myself the past couple weeks) anyway so I´ve been doing lot´s of things that I´ve learned from my friends in the mission and also my mission president! :D which some of them are Read the book of mormon before going to bed and when I thought comes into your head that you don´t want start memorizing a scripture! So I´ve been doing that the past couple weeks but haden´t seen many results... well in that time I hadn´t seen many.. Then one day It popped into my head that I needed to fast... so the day before General conference I fasted. And then the night after I finished my fast I recieved so many answers that I neeeded and I realized that I was actually progressing I was just blocking my own eyes from myself. :D Other then that pretty normal! :D 

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