Monday, April 20, 2015

April 13,2015

This week was actually kinda slow for me, but we´ve been doing a lot better as a companionshi´and in looking for people. We have the family Flores that are going to be baptized this saturday! The mom and her son are super excited to get baptized, they´ve been waiting for a long time but the dad is still alittle on the edge if he wants to be baptized or not. We´re going to have him have his interview with Elder Quispe and see afterwards if he still doesn´t want to be baptized or not.

My spiritual moment of the week is when I went over to the area of Elder Hirschi and we had a noche de hogar with some members. We watched the John Tanner video and then afterwards had a short testimony meeting! it´s was awesome and the spirit was really strong, I could feel the love of the savior for each one that was there!

The Restoration of the Priesthood is important to me because without the Priesthood on the earth not a single person could lead the church, and we wouldn´t have the guidance from god! Also it´s really important because it´s a way that we can heal the sick, help the poor, and preach to the children of God who are ready to listen.

It helps me understand that as a priesthood holder I´ve got a big roll in this world. With my future family and with everybody that will be in my life.

The Line of authority shows me that we get our priesthood from Jesus Christ and not from some dude! :D

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