Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June15, 2015

Well this week we found a pretty great family! The dad has studied the bible and understands a little bit of it but still doesn`t understand a lot. We had a family night with them and then a couple days later we taught the first lesson. We taught and clarified some questions that they had, then taught them the law of chastity. After we explained really good that, the dad said that he felt what we were saying was true and that he was going to read the Book of Mormon and pray and ask. He couldn`t go to church this sunday because he had some government thing he had to go do but he`s going next week! :D

(Do you still have your footy red pj's)
heck yeah I still have them!!!!! I use them everyday! :D 
I still have them. I acutally used one of them the other day! 

(What did you buy with your birthday money)

I`ve boughten a couple watches and I`m going to get a usb! :D 

I can buy a cake... :D 

So these are basically all the pictures I took this week.... sorry I completly forgot to take pictures...

The one isa selfie infront of a jehova`s witnesses church! up in a city in the mountains! :D 
and the other is a missionary from colombia! 
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(Have a good 20th birthday. We had a party for you)
I`ll try!!! :D hahaha thanks for having a party fo me! :D
 I tell missionaries here stories of our adventures and they all say that your crazy too! :D haha well they say we`re crazy 

I`m not in lima! :D I`m in Huaraz up here it`s still summer! i think... :D

Love you guys! 

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