Monday, June 8, 2015

May 25,2015

This week was pretty interesting because we were working and being obedient but the both of us were a little discouraged because of all the times that we were rejected and the people just being super hard hearted and what not. But here at the the end of the week we decided to work and keep going with a smile on our faces and I saw that the first couple contacts kind of sucked but after a while we started to see people kind of opening up and saying that they would like if we came and visited them! Also this guy came up and contacted us! and we found out that we had contacted his wife a little eairlyer while we were doing one of our Ten ways to find. we now have an appointment with them on Friday! :D So this week I´m going to try and stay positive! Also I´ve been praying to have charity for the people and realise that if I don´t contact them then they might never get the chance to hear the message ever again.

It´s really good! :D actually I´m in an area where they speak a lot of quechua!! which is a completley different language! :D 

No nothing like spanish....

no! haha a lot of people speak spanish too! but we just have to talk a little slower... :D

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