Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8,2015

So this week was interesting because we were trying to finish the 10 ways to find and we had almost done all of them. We had done each different manera but we didn´t reach one of the Goals that we had put. While on a work visit my companion found a family and a couples days later my companion and I found another family. But other then these we haven´t been able to get into any other house. And I´ve been looking for ways that we can get into houses and have lessons but I haven´t been able to figure it out but on the ride back down from Huaraz today Elder Humphris(?) and I were talking and I asked how he does it and he told me that just being happy, like don´t talk gospel stuff at first make friends with them, make them laugh and then when it gets down to it then tell them who you are and why your here. So I´m going to try and be a little more happy this week.

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