Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 22, 2015

So yeah.... It`s true. I`m going to the Trujillo south mission! :D hahaha i didn`t know if I was aloud to tell you guys! but I guess it doesn`t matter any more! :D hahaa We get transfered the first of July! I still haven`t met the new mission president and I have no idea how it`s going to be! all I know is that i`m going!

No... I ddin`t have a birthday cake :( hahaha the day was just a normal day.

I went to the stake center and watched it! :D they transmitted it to the whole country! it was really cool and super spiritual! just in the stake center it felt like the temple! I didn`t get to got to the celebration.

 My spiritual experience this week was going to the temple dedication! :D It was my first time being there for one. So I enjoyed it a lot! But other then that this week has been a little frustrating because A lot of people were drunk in their houses watching Soccer. Also I`ve been kinda down on myself and I don`t like it, but what got me out of it was when we taught the Family I could feel the spirit working through me and I could see in the dad`s eyes that he belived me and it made me feel really good! :D
I did have pizza on my birthday! :D it was really good!" 
Thanks! :D I love you!!!! 
I`ve got to get going!!! I love you guys!!! 

No pictures sorry, the computer is bad!

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