Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June 29, 2015

Well this week was really interesting because We had our fairwell with our president! With our last meeting with him he wanted to talk about the atonment and he explained so much stuff about it that I never understood before now I understand a lot more about the Fall of adam and the creation and also the atonment! it was really awesome! and then afterwards we went to the back of chapel as a zone and we kneeled and President Archibald prayed, and as tuff as I am I actually started crying becuase it was the last time that I was going to see the president and I would never get to see any of my friends from this mission again. But I felt a strong Loving feeling come over me that everything is cool and that I will one day get to greet most of my friends from the mission again!  Now I`'m officially p├árt of the Trujillo South mission!!!!! hahaha It`s going to be awesome and So many Baptizms wait for me it`s not even funny!! 
Nobody from my group from the CCM ... just friends I`ve made here! :D

they took from like four or five other mission.

And about that family my companion and I found they went to church!!!! well they were late for the sacrament meeting so they don`t count in any of the numbers but they still came and They really enjoyed it!! :D 

(How's your companion?)
He is really good!!
Yeah we do get along. it`s pretty cool! :D 

Hey I`ve got to get going!! I love you guys!!!!

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