Thursday, April 7, 2016

Feb. 22 2016

So this week has been really interesting because my companion and I have been visiting a lot of less actives and they told us the reasons why they left, and a lot of their stories are the same.... so my companion and I have decided that we`re going to go and visit members to see if they need help or to just share something with them so that they can keep progressing and feel the spirit! Also this week we saved a less active family!!!! The sister Olga and her husband Juan! They`re so awesome and amazingly funny! Sister Olge never lost her testimony (she`s one of the happiest people I know) she just got super busy and there wasn`t time to come to church but we saved them and their so excited to get back into the church activities and stuffs! :D 

Hey I also forgot I lost my suit coat!!1 hahaha we moved rooms and when we moved it got lost...... My companion put it in the car and we`re thinking that maybe somebody came up and took it... because we can`t find it and the owner of the car doesn`t have it.. haha I`ve still got my pants just the coat dissappeared

I love you guys!!! and have fun without me! :D haha

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