Thursday, April 7, 2016

March 7 2016

so this week flew by really fast!!! my companion and I have been traveling a ton this week.. for some Blessings that the sisters needed and also for su investigator that they had, then also had to go back and have interviews so their investigators could get baptized, and some other things that we´ve been doing! but other then that the week was pretty great! we didnp´t have very much success in the numbers but we did get to help a lot fo people and feel the spirit! right now my companion and I are having some problems helping our investigators progress but we´ve made the goal and we´re practicing that we can speak a little more firm with the people and teach a little more clear so they don´t make any mistakes. It´s been going pretty well but we´re still getting better and it feels good to be able to hlep this people!  

They´re doing good, they´re getting help from a lot of people to be able to rebuild, actually they´re almos done just missing some pieces here and there. None of the members were afected by the fire all of their houses are okay! 

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