Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 4 2016

Well this week was awesome! Got my new companion and he is the best! We went around this week visiting members and investigators so that he can get to know them and their families! He´s from Ecuador, Iquito! and he´s got 4and a half months in the mission! Something that I´ve seen in him up to right now is that he really loves the people! Even though he might not see it in him I can see it! The conference was amazing!!! A lot of my questions were answered and just being able to feel the spirit so strong for so long made me feel really good and ready for whatever comes at me! Also I learned that I need to get better at a lot of things as a missionary, lider, and as a son of God! 

They went nuts!!! haha I was down stairs listening to it in english but us gringos! went nuts!!!!

It´s awesome!!! All of the misionaries from the zone looked at me funny because I had my suit! it was aweosme! 

He´s amazing!! :D
Ecuador, Iquito! 
No but he´s practicing! 

No I´ve got one last transfer! haha but I got the call for my flight plannign! haha so I´m coming home the 20th but I don´t know the scheduel of the flights but he said I´ll be getting that soon! 

They´re doing really good! no there aren´t any holes on the bottom. There are little things here and there but they´re still doing really good!

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