Thursday, April 7, 2016

Testimony for YC

I feel like nephi... haha It´s hard for me to write about spiritual stuff because when you talk the spirit carries the words to their hearts! haha but I´ll try. can I do it in spanish? 

Bueno Me gustaría compartirles acerca de.... hahaha yeah   So I just want you guys to understand how important the gospel is. Before my mission I really didn´t understand anything, why the gospel was so important, the church, this, that, etc. But here in the mission I´ve learned that the gospel is the only way to be happy in the life! I thought I was happy with my videogames, movies, friends, and whatever other thing that I had. But I never fully understood that I was never fully happy with these things. I´ve had my wonderful, and very pactient parents my whole life that have taught me so much, and I never really thought much of what they said or taught. From my expierences, of what I´ve experienced up to right now, is that wickedness was never happiness. The things of the world don´t matter what does matter is God, Jesus, and the Spirit and after those three that family and the church. Right now maybe you don´t understand or you don´t feel the same, But I invite everysingle one of you to Read your Book of Mormon, Pray, and go to Church! Study as much as you can and if you do it you will see they blessings! You will feel as even more happy then you are right now. Also doing these three things will help you with what ever problem that you have Personal or in your Family. God wants us to read, pray, and go to church and putting your faith is him trusting that he will help you will see the blessings! I testify that God loves us and wants what´s best, I know that his son gave his life for us so that through him we could become like him,  and I know that the Spirit will guide you in all of you trails! I love all of you and wish the best for everyisingle one of you!   

                                                                       Elder Durrant 

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