Thursday, April 7, 2016

Feb 29 2016

So this past couple of weeks were fantastic and really sad at the same time.... The fantastic part is that my companion and I rescued 2 members last week and this week! it was fantastic to see them go through this process of coming back to church! Also we were able to have success in our numbers this week with lesson that we`ve taught, and some new investigadors! and etc. But the sad part is that there was a fire in my area. My companion and I were contacting a less active family and a fire went up close by so my companion and I went to go help and see what was going on and as we were walking towards the fire the people were going nuts, crying, screaming for help, wanting to take all of their stuff out of their houses, etc.  it was crazy. we did what we could in some areas and we went to go help a member with her stuff. but in the end the fireman got there and turned off the fire! 

Hey so I talked to my president and he told me that I need to buy a suit coat! I´ve got my pants still just the coat I need! haha So I´m going to be asking around and finding out how much it´ll be. Because I´ts alot cheaper to buy a suit coat here then in the states! 

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