Sunday, May 1, 2016

April 11,2016

Well this week was pretty cool! This week my companion and I have been visiting a lot of members this week and doing somthing that we call 1x1. It`s when we go to the house of the members with a book of mormon. So what we do with it is that, with the members, we share our favorite verses in the book and we mark them with a highlighter. Afterwards we read the verse and share the reason why we like it(All of the people in the lesson participate). Then we leave the Book with them and also we make a goal with them that they can read these verses with one of their friends and give the book to them. Now what we`ve got to do is go and do some follow up to see how it`s going adn to encourage them! Also I had the opportunity to have a work visit with Elder Weber, in this work visit we talk about a lot of things and we both came out really edified. He helped me see the importants of make little goals and working little by little. We`ve also got an investigator whose going to get baptized this saturday!!! she`s super awesome and excited to get bapized her name is Erika! :D 

No I haven`t gotten it yet... 

ours starts at 8 am! 
It`s really good! I like it! 
Not really I haven`t herd very much about missionaries getting suits.

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