Monday, May 30, 2016

May 2,2016

Well this week was pretty awesome! my companion and I decided to follow the advice of our President and start asking references from everybody even from the people we just barely met! As we starting doing it we didn´t see very much success but after we kept doing it asking everybody for refereces we found some people the gave us like 3-5 refereces in one and others 1 or 2 or nohing at all but at the end of the week my companion and I had 21 references! and we had been trying to contact all of the references we haven´t been able to contact all of them but we´re in the process and it´s really cool becasue a lot of the mpeople that we contact had either listened to the missionaries before or they were excited to meet us! so It was an awesome experience. Also we´ve got a couple investigators that are progressing and they are amazing! One of them´s called Erika I´ve talked about her before but she just keeps going and is amazing! and the other her name´s Melissa and she´s so cool, she reads every pamphlet that we give her and she doesn´t ever stop reading the book of mormon! it´s amazing! 

So Can we skype on saturday? President said it would be better if we could call on Saturday because of transfers but if you guys can´t it´ll have to be Sunday in the afternoon! ¿Saturday in the morning or Sunday in the after church

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