Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 8,2016

Well this week was pretty great! My companion and I have been working a little more with the less actives and helping them to progress and helping them return to the church! and we saw fruits sunday when a bunch of them came to church! haha I also had the chance to do a work visit with Elder Marichi who´s part of my district and he taught me a whole bunch but the main thing that he taught me is that we need to smile if we don´t smile we´re just working, but if we have a smile then we are doing what we love to do! Well it´s transferes and my cmpanion and I are staying also the sister in the district are satying the only one that´s leaving is elder Marichi! haha and a new misionary is coming here! so Elder Benally is going to train now so it´s going to be awesome!!! :D 

I hope I have one more transfer before I leave just to be able to get to know one more place would be awesome! But I really do love Los pinos though so i don´t really know it´s a real problem but that´s in the future! haha :D

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