Sunday, February 14, 2016

January 11, 2016

So this week was a little interesting because my companion and I didn´t have very much success in getting new investigaros or having very many lessons but we got a ton of references from the ward! So we feel satisfied about our week! The way we contacted our tnews this week was pretty funny! because we had been doing some contacting up the mountain a little ways and we had some contacts but nobody really didn´t want to listen, we actually talked to a catholic guy who asked us how can he find peace and happieness in this life and Basically we told him that through Jesus Christ and his atonment, and when we ended he told us that we were wrong and this and that, It was really funny actually but we left and started walking down the hill because it was getting close to lunch time so we started going back and this little guy that was a little further down, looked up and was just surprised at how tall I was!! So he went screaming at all of his family and friends to come see how tall this big white guy is! So some people came out and we taught them a lesson and took out some appointments! It was pretty great!

No I´m just a leader but he´s my secretary!!! ;) haha 

No we just have our pentionist and we eat with her everyday and we share the pention with another companionship! :D

Sometimes but not very often!

Yeah! haha it´s pretty awesome!

I love you guys!! :D 

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