Sunday, February 14, 2016

January 26, 2016

so this week was awesome!!! So my companion and i decided to just work and we made a plan that we did with the district! We played a game and the game was ¨The companionship that could find the most new investigaros this week won and the rest has to pay up¨ so the district accepted! So we played hard this week My companion and I found 11 news this week and the other companionship of elders found 10 and the sister got a little discourged and got 3 but still they had gotten more lessons then the last week! but it was awesome!!! Also This weeek I got to go to the mission council meeting (usually only the zone leaders go, but president wanted all of the district leaders there too) So we went and talked about the mission and how we´re going to make this mission better! and I´m so excited!!! it´s going to be great! Also we got to go to the temple to receive revelation for our mission!!! It was an amazing week! Also my companion and I saw fruits this sunday... we didn´t have very many investigators in the church but 12 less actives came to church!! that was also amazing! I really love this work1 

This week was pretty great my companion and i were dead from the last Pday because we climbed a mountain and we were all just dead! haha so is wsa kinda rough trying to work but we still kept moving forward! We didn´t have a super successfull week but was still awesome to see the blessing that we had received!}

no the pin idea sounds awesome!!! 
No i got the shirts fixed!  
but i do need sport socks 

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