Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dec 22, 2015

 So this week was pretty great because First off we´re going to have a baptizm this saturday!!! Billy is going to be baptized! Hermana Marcela her baptizmal date fell and so she can´t get baptized until the 9th of january but she´s going to get baptized! Also this  week we had a christmas Devotional which was pretty awesome! and my zone got to sing!! :D it was pretty great! Sorry I don´t have very much to write about we´ve been super crazy these last few weeks traveling and what not... haha

I´m going to call from our house chapel! 
We just recently had a christmas devotional and also we´re going to have a mini party as a zone! 
He´s going to! :D
Ya! we´re doing a lot better!
So at 10 in the morning! :D for me at 12! 

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