Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dec 28, 2015

Hey So this week was pretty stressful but really awesome at the same time! We did a lot of traveling this week, for a lot of christmas stuffs! haha my companion and I have been running around a lot this week but in the end it was awesome! Also I got to talk to my family which was amazing, and it`s incredible how big everyone is getting! haha but I hope I`m still the biggest! Also all of our district had baptizms this week!!!!! It was so cool! but we`re so far away so we couldn`t have a Noche Blanca but we all had an expierence really special! So our investigator that got baptized was Billy! So Also I`ve got transferes I`m going to be in Chimbote Los pinos! haha I ahve no idea where that`s at but that`s where I`m going hah! ;D

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