Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nov 16,2015

So this week was pretty cool because I got to have a work visit with Elder Collazos! it was really awesome!! I learned a couple things that I need to get better at but it was a really cool expirence! After that my companion came back and we went to a sister that is in our branch and we got some references from her and then we went and tryed contacting as much of them as posible but not very many were home!.. After that we went out with a member for like 5 hours visiting people, and his friends, less actives, and much more! it was pretty cool, even cooler is we contacted a reference from a sister and the references accepted us and we taught her a little and then in sunday she came to church!!!!! it was awesome! and after the meetings she told us that she really liked it and the next sunday she´s going to bring her children! :D 

Ya we got like a little nokia phone! :D haha 
No we don´t have IPads it´s becuase if we did they would rob them from us! :D haha
No our church doesn´t but some do! 

Transfers are today! I´m not being transfered I stay here for another 6 weeks with my companion! 
Umm They haven´t told us anything about the rules on calling but we´re going to have a meeting soon to talk about this.. I think.. :D
1 Josué 1: 6-9

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