Sunday, February 14, 2016

January 4, 2016

So this week was pretty great! it was super sad leaving my old area and all of the people I got to know there. My new area is called Los pinos in Chimbote! haha and it`s really awesome! it`s a bunch of hills like we have to go up and down the mountain all day but it`s great! The members are awesome and most of them have a desire to do misisonary work! Getting used to this area has been a little hard because my last few area have been really different the people weren`t as prideful as the people here but I take it as a challenge, now I`ve got to find a new way to teach to keep the attention of the people! My companion and I are super excited and we`ve got some plans and ideas of how we`re going to work here! My companions name is Elder Flores, He`s from Arequipa, Peru and he`s got like 7 months in the mission! He`s really great! a little shy with people he doesn`t know but when he gets to know you he`s amazing! he`s been in this area for about 3 months now but for one month he wansn`t here. Because his companion went home early and he had to go to a different area with a different elder so we`re basically opening an area! I`m still district leader and I have a district of 3 companionships. 2 companionships of Elders and 1 of sisters! and they`re fantastic and every single one of them are ready to get working! As of right now we donp`t have very many investigators but here soon we`re going to get some! :)
We totally stayed up until midnight! :D haha it was awesome but I couldn`t record because if people saw that I had my camera They`d probably rob me! haha
It was great!! :D haha
No just 45 min away from san jacinto! 
He`s really good! 
He`s from Peru, Arequipa!
 We`re by the beach yes! :D 
Well before It was really big! haha but we`ve moved now to a smaller room! :D 
The ward is really good! but it`s got it`s problems! 
My neibhors right now are other misionarys!!! haha
no.. haha it`s probably the same or a little smaller, My last areas have been really big

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