Sunday, February 14, 2016

Nov 23,2015

Haha so this week was really interesting because my companion and I invited one of our investigators to get baptized and she excepted!!!! it was awesome! because she´s told us that she´s been investigating a lot of churches but she hasn´t really felt good in any of the them but 2 weeks ago when she went to church she told us that she felt really good and that she really like the meeting!! She didn´t go this week because she got sick but she sent her child in her place! haha yeah but she´s super excited and really nervous for her baptizm! 

They´ve told me that i´ve gotten my package but I still haven´t seen it. it´s en the room of the zone leaders! It sounds like lot´s of crazy stuff is going on over there! I hope all of you have fun! :D

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